In H 3005 werden eine Auswahl von Soundmachinen, die im Wintersemester 2013 im Edgar Varese Gastprofessur-Seminar mit dem Titel ‚Hardware Hacking‘, geleitet von Nicolas Collins, und eine Auswahl von Stücken, die im Sommersemester 2014 in den Edgar Varese Gastprofessur-Seminaren von Kees Tazelaar, enstanden sind präsentiert. Diese Stücke wurden 2013 auf dem next_generation 5.0 – Festival im ZKM in Karlsruhe präsentiert.

Sebastian Arnold

Public Static Void (2013, 5:00 min)

This piece is a 5-channel recreation from a live performance with drums and electronics inside a giant 300m2 cooling chamber of a malthouse factory in Berlin. The room was captured using impulse responses and later recreated by distributing the artificial reverberation on the channels. The creation techniques and aesthetics of the piece relate to the early experiments in Dutch electronic music studios in the 1950s, where sine waves recorded on tape loops were used as sound sources and synchronized in an incremental fashion.


Raffael Tönges

Versunkene Gipfel (2013, 2:51 min)

Die kalten, kahlen Gipfel versunkener Riesen. Umspült, verschlungen, versunken. Eine Welt, die uns verborgen ist. Deren Schönheiten, Gefahren, Realitäten und Mysterien unseren Augen unsichtbar sind. Versunkene Gipfel ist eine Reise durch die uns unbekannten Gebirge dieser Erde. Viele Kilometer unterhalb des Meeresspiegels.

Marten Seedorf

all my dreams are fake, so count to 4 and wake me up. (2013, 4:59 min)

A drony tribute to the beauty of stealing. Mr. James Brown and George Michael are sent through diverse series of transformations and the output is fed back into the effectchains 4 times, each step becoming less and less concrete.In the end these abtract memories of two big moments in the History of pop music are randomly arrangend.

Giuliano Obici

Laptop Choral (Video from a live performace @ the ZKM 2013, 02:38 min)

The Laptop Choral is an audiovisual performance for laptops based in a local area network (LAN). Using devices already integrated in computers (sound-card , video-card, network communication), Laptop Choral explore the Personal Computer as a metamedia instrument as well as a simulacra performer.

Peter Vasil

Telemusik (1966/2013, 2:38 min)

This piece is a realization of structures 1 – 7 from Stockhausen’s piece Telemusik (1966).